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Sentry team to participate in the 2019 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure ®

This Saturday, April 27th, 2019 several Sentry BioPharma Services team members will be proudly participating in the 2019 Komen Central Indiana Race for the Cure ®.  Over the years this event has raised more than $2 billion dollars to help fund research, education, screening and treatment. ...

Monday, April 22, 2019 | Read More

Biologics Contribute to Growth in Pharma Products Cold-Chain Market

In its September issue, Pharmaceutical Commerce details the previous and expected contributions of biologic products to its forecast of cold-chain market growth predicting sales of cold-chain drugs and biologics will outpace overall industry growth through 2022. It is reported that “as of 2018, global...

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 | Read More

FDA Researchers Explore Fundamental Chemical Reaction that Could Threaten the Quality of Therapeutic Protein Products

In a recent news release the FDA described research it has conducted regarding detection of protein carbonylation, an oxidative reaction that may occur in therapeutic protein drug products during manufacture, storage, use, and transport potentially causing structural alterations and threatening stability,...

Tuesday, September 11, 2018 | Read More

Licensing & Registration

Pharmaceutical Licensing & Registration: Verifiable Credentials with Domestic and International Authorities

Sentry BioPharma Services demonstrates a collaborative approach to pharmaceutical licensing and regulation. The Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21 (21 CFR), functions as a foundation for Sentry’s GMP storage and pharmaceutical distribution services. By effectively communicating with regulatory authorities at local, national and global levels, Sentry develops timely, highly efficient solutions to fulfill client needs. Frequent customer audits and inspections provide valuable direction and feedback, enabling Sentry to maintain an exemplary compliance history. Continuing education and industry involvement prepare the Sentry leadership team to rapidly acclimate to shifting pharmaceutical regulations. Assured compliance empowers clients to focus on research, efficiency and other differentiators.

For more information about Sentry's pharmaceutical licensing, registration and compliance, contact Sentry via email or by phone at 1-866-757-7400.

Sentry’s extensive repository of licenses and registrations include:

Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
Controlled Substance Registration Certificate # RS0374265
Controlled Substance Registration Certificate for Importer # RS0422600

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Registration # 3007066137

Labeler Code # 032405

HCT/Ps # 3007066137

Third Party Logistic Provider # 48001757A

National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP)
Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributors (VAWD) Accreditation # 8281-31487
Alabama State Board of Pharmacy
Controlled Substances Registration Certificate # 193806
Manufacturing Wholesale Distributor Certificate # 06487
Alaska Board of Pharmacy
Arizona State Board of Pharmacy
Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy
Wholesale Distributor License Permit # WD03622
California Board of Pharmacy
Non-Resident Wholesaler License # OSD 5399
Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies
Active Wholesaler Out-of-State Registration # 7575
Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection
Wholesaler of Drugs, Cosmetics & Medical Devices Registration # CSW.00002257
Delaware Division of Professional Regulation
Pharmacy - Wholesale; Drug Distributor Professional License # A4-0001582
District of Columbia
Distibutor / Wholesaler / Repackager Registration # DM1101251 
Controlled Substance Registration # CF1100870
Florida Department of Health
Third Party Logisitics Provider License # 02 10
Georgia State Board of Pharmacy
Wholesaler Pharmacy License # PHWH002762
Hawaii Board of Pharmacy
Idaho State Board of Pharmacy
License Exempt - 3PL
Illinois Division of Financial & Professional Regulation
Wholesale Drug Distributor License # 004.002782
Indiana Professional Licensing Agency
Wholesale Drug Distributor License # 48001757A 
Controlled Substance Registration Certificate # 61100721B
Iowa Board of Pharmacy
License Exempt - 3PL
Kansas State Board of Pharmacy
Wholesale Distributor License # 5-02559
Distributor Certificate of Renewal of Permit # 5-02559
Kentucky Board of Pharmacy
Wholesale / Manufacturer License # W02311
Louisiana Board of Wholesale Drug Distributors
Wholesale Distributor of Legend Drugs or Devices License # 6150
Maine Board of Pharmacy
Pharmaceutical Wholesaler License # WH70001677
Maryland Board of Pharmacy / Department of Health & Mental Hygiene
Prescription Drug or Device Distributor Permit # D03261
Controlled Dangerous Substances Registration # 274202
Massachusetts Board of Pharmacy
Michigan Department of Community Health
Manufacturer and Wholesaler License # 5306002779
Minnesota Board of Pharmacy
Wholesale Distributor License # 362244
Mississippi State Board of Pharmacy
Non-Resident Wholesaler Distributor of Human Prescription Drug Permit # 08053 / 06.2
Controlled Substance Registration # CS 08053 / 06.2
Missouri Board of Pharmacy
Out-of-State Wholesale Licensed Drug Distributor License #2008033263
Montana Board of Pharmacy
Wholesaler Drug Distributor License # 2636
Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services
License Exempt - 3PL
Nevada State Board of Pharmacy
Wholesaler Certificate of Registration # WH01652
New Hampshire Board of Pharmacy
Manufacture and/or Wholesaler of Legend Drugs / Devices and/or Medical Gases Permit # 4899
New Jersey Board of Pharmacy
New Mexico State Board of Pharmacy
Wholesaler License # WD00010973
New York State Board of Pharmacy
Non-Resident Establishment Registered Wholesaler of Drugs and/or Devices Registration # 029220 
Non-Resident Controlled Substance Registration Certificate # 02A0792
North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Wholesaler Prescription Drug Registration License # 756
North Dakota State Board of Pharmacy
Wholesale Drug (Device) Manufacturer (Reverse) Distributor / Warehouse License # 906
Ohio State Board of Pharmacy
Wholesale Distrobutor of Dangerous Drugs Registration #  WDIS 011921600 00514
Distributor of Controlled Substances # WCSW 2497 0199
Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy
3PL Provider License # 88-L-4608
Oregon Board of Pharmacy
Wholesaler with Controlled Substance Registration License # W1-0003290-CS
Pennsylvania Department of Health
Wholesaler / Distributor License # 8000002059 
Distributor (Prescription) License # 3000008417
Rhode Island Board of Pharmacy
Drug Wholesaler -- Out-of-State License with a Controlled Substances Registration # DIS01985
South Carolina Board of Pharmacy
Non-Resident Wholesale Distributors/Manufacturers Permit # 10401
South Dakota Board of Pharmacy
Wholesale Drug Distributor License # 600-1601 
Controlled Substance Certificate # RS 0374265
Tennessee Board of Pharmacy
Manufacturer / Wholesaler / Distributor License # 0000002911
Texas Department of State Health Services
Out-of-State Wholesale Distributor of Prescription Drugs License # 0107804
Utah Department of Commerce/Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing
Vermont Board of Pharmacy
Wholesaler Drug Outlet Credential # 039.0053171
Virginia Department of Health Professionals Board of Pharmacy
Non-Resident Wholesale Distributor Registration # 0219001207
Washington State Department of Health
Pharmaceutical Wholesaler License # PHWH.FX.60075974
West Virginia Board of Pharmacy
Wholesale Drug Distributor Permit # WD0558622
Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing
Wholesale Distributor License # 2173-045
Wyoming State Board of Pharmacy
Wholesale Distributor of Prescription Drugs Registration # WD-1670 WY 
Controlled Substance Authorization # 119SBS111